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Culture of Heart: A New Beginning for Singapore


This website has chronicled the struggles of a new religious movement in Singapore. It provided an unprecedented opportunity for an alternative perspective and viewpoint of a new controversial religious movement that not only has become mainstream in many countries but continue to provide leadership, vision and hope of an ideal world of everlasting peace through ideal families of true love, life and lineage.

This website has gained a ranking that speaks volume of man's quest for God's Truth, Beauty and Goodness and man's indominable spirit for freedom. Our love for God is expressed in our love for our families and our beloved country of Singapore.

Singapore is the model democratic nation in Asia that has assimilated the best cultural heritage of East and West. We certainly pray that Singapore will soon welcome a Culture of Heart that is the fundamental basis for the continued prosperity and development of Singapore. In line with this hope and vision, we are taking the initiative of wiping away the past memories of the painful pangs of the birth of a new religious movement in Singapore with the hope of a greater future for Singapore.

October 29, 2006